About Dandeli Foods


About Us

Dandeli Specialty Foods was founded by Dan Potter in 1997 with a vision to become the market leader in supplying small to medium sized retailers with specialty food products.  Relying on the expertise he developed in wholesaling and warehousing and the key relationships he cultivated during his time as the Meat & Deli Director at United A.G. Cooperative, Dan has carved out this niche business that allows retailers to offer specialty food lines at attractive margins.

Historically, consumers could only purchase these products in very specialized retail outlets, but consumer demand has changed and today almost every grocery retailer must offer these products at competitive prices.  Dandeli enables retailers to meet this demand.  One of our keys to success is working with the warehouses; this is the best way to get the product to retailers.  Another key to success is our strong relationship with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

Dandeli’s mission is to work hard to satisfy the customer’s needs.  By working directly with independent grocers for many years, Dan understands that custom packaging and adjusting offerings to customer’s needs is critical.  Therefore, our specialty cheeses are available for purchase in bulk size, but also can be cut to order and pre-packaged into retail size pieces in our on-site facility.  In addition to the extensive collection of specialty cheeses, Dandeli also offers a wide variety of products for each department within the store- deli, dairy, meat, and grocery.